Child Support

Support Enforcement Services are available for applicants who receive:

  • AFDC
  • Foster Care cases, also known as IV-E cases
  • Non-IV-E Medicaid, and
  • Non-AFDC Medicaid

The same services are also available to applicants who do not receive any of these forms of assistance. There is a one-time application fee of $25.00.

IV-D Program Functions:

There are five (5) major program services in child support enforcement:

  1. Absent parent location (also known as Parent Locate)
  2. Establishment of paternity
  3. Establishment of support obligation, including medical support obligations
  4. Collection and distribution of support payments, including spousal support in conjunction with child support order
  5. Enforcement of support obligation, including medical and spousal

Louisiana has new license suspension statutes (La. R.S 9:315.32 et seq.) that permit suspension and/or revocation of various professional, recreational and driver’s licenses as a tool for collecting past due child support.

Other remedies available to District Attorneys for collection of child support include:

  • Court ordered blood testing for alleged parent
  • Income assignment in both interstate and intrastate cases
  • Federal income tax refund offsets
  • Reporting delinquency information to credit bureaus
  • Louisiana Lottery offset against winnings for child support arrears
  • Immediate income assignment orders are required on all new or modified orders for child support. Income can be assigned from worker’s compensation benefits and unemployment benefits

Support Enforcement Contact Information:

1779 Daniel Street 509 South Main Street 411 Polk Avenue
Suite A
Arcadia, Louisiana 71001 Homer, Louisiana 71040 Jonesboro, Louisiana 71251
Phone: (318) 263-7409 Phone: (318) 927-6937 Phone: (318) 259-2512
Fax: (318) 263-7443 Fax: (318) 927-6979 Fax: (318) 259-2572

If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify our office immediately.


8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Monday through Friday

If you have a scheduled appointment, bring this information with you to the appointment, if available:

  • Name of the employer of the absent parent
  • Home or employment address of the absent parent
  • Your social security number and the social security number of your child(ren)
  • The absent parent’s social security number
  • Marriage license
  • Certified divorce/separation documents and the child support orders
  • Birth Certificate of child(ren)
  • Last three (3) paycheck stubs of yours and absent parent
  • Medicaid card(s)

If you were not married to the absent parent of the child(ren), please bring the following, if available:

  • Photographs of the absent parent with the child(ren)
  • Letters or cards from the absent parent mentioning or making reference to child(ren)
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons who have knowledge of the alleged absent parent’s relationship with the child(ren)
  • Names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who has knowledge of your relationship with the absent parent